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30/07/2018 – Family.

※ I was thinking about doing this for a long time.

In Final Fantasy XV we never really see how the parents of our four heroes look like (except for Noctis and Gladiolus) So, I decided to draw them with their sons. It’s a challenge for me, I don’t know anything about them except for Clarus and King Regis. I still need to change things about Ignis parents and Prompto parents too, I will have to make some research to find the exact way to draw them. But for now I’m pretty happy with what my mind told me to do for the others and ..I’m sorry for the sketchy drawing…

Also! I was thinking about something tonight, I wonder if sometimes they feel lonely, if they think about them. After all, they are going for a long trip to see Lunafreya at Altissia so Noctis and Her can get married, but… I felt like they are still pretty young boys, they must miss them sometimes. I’m a little sad, I would love to see them talking about family matters or just joking about some old family memories. I’m sure it would have been pretty sweet. 


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